Welcome to My Snowman House of Horror

calvin and hobbes house of horrors

You can only be young once.

But you can always be immature.

-Dave Barry

Those of you of a certain age will remember the Calvin & Hobbes comics. I bought my kids the complete Calvin and Hobbes box set, big honkin’ red hardbacks, and they love ‘em. I flipped through for some snowman inspiration and man, I was in tears.

Want to feel young again? Go get yourself some Calvin & Hobbes. Seriously.

Anyway, I was looking for something to top last year’s creation:

"Tell the kids to go out & play, and what do they do? Build a snow couch & watch snow TV"

and here’s what I came up with:

calvin and hobbes snowman

Imperfect, I know (I’m particularly bummed about the one the sled went through), and I missed one; I was working from memory and trying to beat the ice & rain ready to blow in.

I had to take the pictures individually, because every time I stepped away to snap a photo this happened:


Yes, I know, I’m a child. My husband thinks I’m embarrassing. I don’t think he “gets” snowmen— he made the kids bring in all the hats and scarves we left “lying all over the ground.”

My children, by the way, find this to be completely normal behavior for me.

But we’ve got all this snow outside… may as well amuse people driving by. Am I right?

How’d you spend your snow days?


    • robin elton says

      Thanks! It’s way more fun than shoveling the driveway or putting away the laundry, or any of those practical ways one can spend a day off school!

  1. says

    I think these are awesome! I love the snow couch & TV. You are SO my people. My husband is the same way. He does not “get” me or our boys. I have a great post where my son was doing gummy bear transplants at the dinner table and you could tell he thought that was just weird. I thought it was cool and very original of him. Oh well, I guess there has to be boring people in the world too!

    • robin elton says

      I love your “snow beard” picture! Our dogs don’t cooperate much with my attempts to take pictures of them in the snow- one won’t stay still, and one just sits on the porch and waits to go inside. :)

  2. says

    OMG. I love Calvin and Hobbes. I kid you not, I think I gave birth to Calvin. It could have been all the Calvin and Hobbes compilation books I read while pregnant. :)

  3. Jamie Holloway says

    My daughter wants to do this LOL. Too funny. We spent the day playing in the snow with our dogs Miko (110# rottweiler/mastiff puppy) and Chachi (16# chihuahua/jack russell).


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