The Best Green Cars of 2015, According to Kelley Blue Book

best green cars 2015

Right now the greenest thing for me to do is to keep on driving the minivan I currently own, but I’d love to make my next car purchase as environmentally sound as possible— safety will also be a top priority.

But, well, having sexy lines and a smooth ride doesn’t hurt either.

Every year the expert editors at Kelley Blue Book rank the energy efficient standouts for efficiency, practicality and price. Which is such a cool statement to make: that there are enough energy efficient vehicles on the market now that they need to be sifted through and ranked. We’ve come such a long way!

“The list of ‘green’ vehicle standouts continues to blossom, and with strict Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements coming down the pipeline, auto manufacturers are making stronger advancements each year in creating more environmentally friendly vehicles,” said Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book’s “Topping this list for the second year in a row is the BMW i3 – an electric car that can sprint to 60 mph in just over 7 seconds, and is made in a factory powered entirely by four wind turbines. And if 81 miles of electric range doesn’t work for you, the i3 can be had with a small gas generator that lets you go as far as there are gas stations.”

electric BMW

I’m a little surprised and disappointed that my wishlist car, the Model S, isn’t higher on the list. Get your act together, Tesla.

So, if you’re in the market for a “green” vehicle this year (you lucky thing, you!), here are the 10 BEST GREEN CARS OF 2015 as ranked by Kelley Blue Book:

  1. the all-electric BMW i3 (for the second year in a row)
  2. Volkswagon e-Golf
  3. Nissan Leaf
  4. Toyota Prius
  5. Honda Accord Hybrid
  6. Tesla Model S
  7. Chevrolet Volt
  8. Toyota Camry Hybrid
  9. Ford C-Max Hybrid
  10. Volkswagon Jetta TDI

You can check out’s full editorial commentary for the 10 Best Green Cars of 2015, including fuel economy and range information for each model plus pricing.

If you were buying a “green” vehicle tomorrow— what would you choose?



Organics Live: Organic Delivery Service + Franchise Opportunity in PA, DE, NJ

Post written in partnership with Philly Social Media Moms for Organics Live.
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Imagine what it would be if, as a national policy,
we said we would only be successful
if we had fewer people going to the hospital

next year than last year.

How about that for success?

The idea then would be to have such nutritionally dense,
unadulterated food that people who ate it
actually felt better, had more energy, and weren’t sick as much.

Now see, that’s a noble goal.

~Joel Salatin

Trying to eat in a way that’s healthy and sustainable for your body, your lifestyle and the earth? Invested in preserving and improving the world we share?

A logical first step is to incorporate more organic fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Local peeps, huddle up. Today we’ve featuring a company that delivers locally sourced, organic food right to your door— for less than retail.

And they’re offering opportunities to become a partner, so you can grow your own business while supporting organic.

And there’s a chance to win a Vitamix blender at the end of this post.

Read on, friend.


So, raise your hand if you or someone you know is making more of an effort to eat organic fruits and vegetables.

Daily we hear about the benefits of eating organic and supporting organic farmers. However, for many of us, shopping for organic food is a chore, requiring a stop at the farmer’s market or CSA plus a grocery store or two just to get the foods we feel good about feeding our families. In addition to these reasons, many people feel eating organic is too expensive for their family budget.

What if I told you there was an easier way?

What if there is an easier way to get affordable, fresh, certified organic fruits and vegetables delivered right to your door every week?

Organics Live, a company founded in Canada, is coming to our area and will be offering their popular weekly delivery service to homes and businesses. Organics Live delivers certified organic, sustainably produced, and locally focused food and groceries for less than the cost of shopping retail! That and their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is part of their very successful formula.


Right now, Organics Live is looking for the right partners in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware Areas as they expand to the U.S.

  • Have you always dreamed about being in business for yourself?
  • Did you leave the workforce to raise your kids and are now looking for something to generate income and a different type of satisfaction?
  • Are you already passionate about health and wellness and interested in partnering with a company that has the same values?
  • Are you a go-getter who works hard and feels it’s time to personally reap the rewards of the success you generate?
  • Are you looking for a way to achieve work/life balance?

If you said yes to any of the above, you may be the one of the partners Organics Live is looking for!

Why Organics Live as a possible business venture?

Organics is growing!

Sales of organic products in the United States jumped to 35.1 billion in 2013, up 11.5% from the previous year’s 31.5 billion. 81% of U.S. families now choose organic food at least part of the time.

Join a rapidly growing company founded by concerned dads with a shared belief that strong, prosperous communities can be fueled by good clean food!


“At Organics Live, everything we deliver is sustainably produced with a heavy focus on supporting local growers and producers. We run a carbon neutral operation, offsetting all parts of the businesses, from field to plate. Our boxes are “best-of-season”, meaning that we source the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables available at any given time and deliver to homes and business weekly. Our mission is to build sustainable local food systems by providing our franchisees the support they need to move sustainably produced goods and services from makers to consumers with as little waste as possible.”

Corporate makes it easy!

No inventory, warehouse space, or product management. No receivables, billing, or collection. No sourcing, buying, receiving, packing, or deliveries! Corporate even provides your website, IT, sales hotline, and marketing materials!

Not the usual franchise start-up costs!

Territory ownership of households and businesses, full franchise status with resale rights, no royalties, and no brick and mortar required means your investment is 1/10 of a typical franchise operation start-up cost.


If any of this appeals to you and you want to learn more or claim your desired territory before it is taken, please visit Organics Live to learn more at

As for the rest of you, we look forward to making it easier and more affordable for you to eat the way you want to! We can’t wait to show you the Organics Live difference! Stay tuned!

Follow Organics Live on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with happenings, expansion and seasonal recipes!


To celebrate the U.S. expansion, one of you lucky readers will win this beautiful Vitamix S30 Blender! It is a powerhouse! Good luck!

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Why We Become Environmentalists


Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

The Washington Post ran a piece recently titled The surprising psychology behind why some people become environmentalists, but the takeaway wasn’t so surprising at all. The conclusion was that empathy was tied to environmental attitudes— “namely, a heightened sensitivity to the suffering of other people.”

The authors conclude that “compassion elicits moral judgments and actions across different moral domains” — in effect, that it’s infectious.

Is this surprising? Dr. Seuss nailed that years ago. Environmentalists care. They care about people, and the world around them, and how their actions affect both.

This of course invites that whole treehugger thing, the idea that people who care about the environment are overemotional bleeding hearts. This has never bothered me. I’m sensitive, and I’d like to stay that way.

(Sidenote: nature lovers also tend to be healthier and to be more open to new experiences. All good things.)

I’d also say, without any scientific backing whatsoever, that most environmentalists are dreamers that can envision a better world of our own making, while also being practical folks who are always looking for the next steps to make that world happen.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

All in all, a group of people I’m fairly proud to be associated with.

Raise your kids to be environmentalists as soon as they’re old enough to hug a tree.

Compassion is infectious, and it reaches into all aspects in your life, if you’re doing it right.


P.S. This photo was one of the first on this blog, back in 2003. Where does the time go?