Abe’s Market: Samples make great stocking stuffers!

Abes Market samples


It has long been an axiom of mine

that the little things are infinitely the most important.

―Arthur Conan Doyle


You’ve put a great deal of thought into those big presents. If you’re a reader here, maybe you’ve worked hard to find gifts that encourage your healthiest life, that are simple and non-cluttering, that are useful and practical and beautiful, that are gentle on the planet, that are made by companies that you love and trust.

And if you’re like most people, you then turn around and fill stockings with candy and little Made In China do-dads from the dollar store :)

I’ve done it too. But I’ve been sitting on this great idea all year and I’m happy to finally have a minute to post about it!

If you’re not familiar with them, Abe’s Market is on online store that pulls together great eco-friendly products from across the web. I’ve purchased quite a few Christmas, birthday and baby shower gifts there (their baby product selection is awesome) and the one time I had an issue redeeming a code I had from a deal site, the customer service people were very responsive and helpful.

Abe’s Market has a sample program that rocks hard.

It works like this:

  • Pick out three samples for $5. Shipping included.
  • Get your sampled delivered- and receive a $5 towards a future purchase.
  • Marvel that you basically just scored free samples on cool eco-products.
  • (Seasonal only) Put said free samples into stocking or hoard for yourself.

I think often a huge stumbling block for new eco-products is the unwillingness to take a chance on the unknown at a slightly elevated price. Trust me, I’ve been burned by products that didn’t work (anywhere near) as well as I had hoped. The option to bypass this by offering samples is, frankly, brilliant.

Granted, the sampler selection is limited, but you still get to try products you might not otherwise. Or gift them. Along with the $5 code if you’re REALLY feeling generous.

My sampler box had a bar of soap (about hotel bar size), a piece of dark chocolate covered toffee (yum yum yum), and a very small bottle of muscle pain ointment. All of which I heartily enjoyed.

Also, Abe’s Market is offering free shipping through the end of the year. AND, if you’re on the ball, get 20% off orders over $20 today with code INTHEFAMILY20 (got that in an email, so sigh up for emails for more discounts!)


Natural stocking stuffers? What do you like?


 abes market eco samples



Disclosure: Once upon a time I received a $2 code for Abe’s Market samples. It was a long time ago and the sample program has changed slightly since then. The decision to post now was all mine :) 



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