Internet, How I Missed You

 Internet, How I Missed You
pbp Internet, How I Missed You

“You’re obstinate, pliant, merry, morose,
all at once.
For me there’s no living with you,
or without you.”


No power all day yesterday, still out when I went to bed.
It was great; like an enforced vacation.
Mother Nature saying “Hey, take a load off. You deserve it.”
Finished off four books I had started, put some pictures in frames, played Scrabble, drove the cats crazy with lasers, told stories, cleaned.

Of course, that means that today, I have a lot to catch up on: posts in my reader, email, laundry, dishes. Plus, I need to assess how things in my fridge weathered the storm. And of course, posts for good ol’

So, fun while it lasted; boy, I really hope it doesn’t happen again.

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