Review: Zaggora Weight-Loss HotPants

If you would be so kind,
Put on those red hot pants and take a stroll through my mind
-The B-52s,
“Hot Pants Explosion”

Sadly, these pants do not magically make me look hot.

Imma gonna say that again. These are not magic pants.

What they are:

HOTPANTS™ are specially designed sports shorts that contain bio-ceramic technology, which emits far infrared rays and reflects back the heat naturally generated by the body to deliver warming up of tissue deep below the skin’s surface.

In layman’s terms, Zaggora HotPants are pants that retain and reflect back your own body heat.

They are not magic pants.

I’ve seen them blasted here and there by people who scoff that “pants aren’t gonna make you lose weight.” Well, duh. Neither are yoga mats. Neither are new running shoes or a fancy stationary bike. YOU make you lose weight, with exercise and dietary common sense.

The company says that you should wear the pants 30 minutes a day while you exercise. That, right there, is a recipe for weight loss. But they also say:

HOTPANTS™ delivers best results when used in conjunction with exercise and worn consistently. The effectiveness of the product depends on the quality of your exercise routine and the consistency of use. The harder you work at it, the harder HOTPANTS™ will work at it.

They are not magic pants and make no claim to be.

What Zaggora HotPants are, are a TOOL to help you trim your waist, muffin top, butt and thighs. They make you sweat more (holy cow, do they ever. They feel like they weigh 10 pounds when I take them off). Seeing how they made me sweat more, made me do ever more intensive cardio as I developed a sick fascination with just how sweaty I could get them.

I wore them every day for two weeks as I worked out with Jillian Michaels and her 30 Day Shred, cursing colorfully at the screen the whole way. I had a shake for breakfast, fruit and kefir for lunch, a snack with the kids when they got home from school, and a sensible dinner.

And then I measured myself again. I’ve lost an impressive 1.5 inches on my waist, people. My bum and thighs don’t measure any differently, which surprised me actually; they look leaner. Maybe it’s just more muscley under the skin or something (I didn’t need to lose a whole lot to begin, I was just looking to firm up). My muffin top looks less muffiny. I’m thinking that 1.5 inches is probably pretty unusual, and has something to do with the fact that I’ve been working for a while and my efforts are starting to really pay off. Whatever. I’m pretty stoked.

Is it the magic of the pants? No, it’s the magic of exercise and Jillian Michaels and strategic eating and HotPants. Because it was peeling the dang things off everyday that gave me extra motivation to do those daily workout and really push— no resting, no half-assing the movements.

I don’t know. I think that’s a sort of magic. Sure, you can say that you don’t NEED the pants to lose inches. It’s true. But if buying them provides the motivation to work daily, work hard? There ain’t nothing wrong with that, friends. In fact I thought about buying a second pair when I saw them on sale as a Groupon, because they do need to be handwashed and it just seemed easier that way.

Jeff points out that they are essentially the same concept as the plastic bags he would wear under his clothes before wrestling matches to cut weight. This is true; the number on the scale is revealing a weight loss that is mostly water. (My number on the scale has dropped 5 pounds since the beginning of this experiment as well, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. Again, I was looking to tone up, not drop weight.)

However, HotPants are a lot more stylish than wearing plastic bags. Just sayin’. They are high-waisted, which makes you look slimmer under your gym top but does not accommodate your pedometer very well. They feel like what I imagine light scuba gear must feel like, if such a thing exists. They’re not heavy or uncomfortable, just a bit of a pain to pull on and peel off.

My skin looks and feels smoother in the covered areas. I’m going to assume that’s because I’m essentially soaking them in salt water everyday for an hour at a time.


Maybe, but just short-term water weight. So if you need to weigh in for a wrestling match, great. If you need to get into a bridesmaids dress in two weeks that doesn’t fit quite right, maybe. Long term? NO. You need to make lifestyle choices for that. These pants are a great motivator and feedback generator to start you on that journey, and perhaps to maintain your enthusiasm, but they’re just pants. They don’t perform miracles.


I don’t know, maybe if you ate only broccoli, exercised 5 hours a day and wore them around the clock. Why the hell would you want to do that? It’s Christmastime, not the time to be denying yourself. Buy a dress that flatters the figure you have now, and can be taken in later.


I like ’em. I do. I wear them all the time. They make a swishy sound when I walk, like track pants, but Jake pointed out that at the gym it’s loud enough that the only person who notices is me. And even then, they’re probably distracted by the giant DJ headphones I’m wearing, so who cares?

I’m thinking they’d be a nice motivator for those pesky new year’s resolutions.

They’re not cheap, about 70 bucks, but the Groupon was $26, I think. If I see it at that price again I probably will buy another pair.

Any other questions? Line ’em up, I’m ready.

Disclosure: I received a pair of HotPants as part of the #HotinHotPants Mom Bloggers Club campaign. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

More info: check out Zaggora’s website, follow Zaggora on Twitter and/or ‘like’ on the Facebook. Oh hey, they’re 25% off for Christmas.




  1. Margaret says

    I just wore my hotpants for the first time today during a 60-minute spinning class and I definitely had to peel them off!

  2. Jean says

    I just ordered mine and I was wondering how long you had to wait to get yours. I heard it takes around 2-3 weeks.


    • robin elton says

      They come from the UK, so it did take a couple of weeks. I live out in the sticks and they sent it certified mail, and I (incorrectly) thought I had to pick it up at the Post Office; actually I just had to sign the slip and leave it in my mailbox.

  3. Tricia says

    Bought them for my mother but when the arrived, the overwhelming chemically odour was a big turn off. She washed them but the odour was still coming from them. It rubbed off on her shirts and anything they touched. Is it from the “technology”? I have a neoprene sleeve for my laptop and it doesn’t smell like that.

    • robin elton says

      I am really sensitive to smells so I can say for sure that I didn’t have this problem. My guess is that it was packed too soon after being “branded” with the label. My go-to solution for scents of any kind is to shake baking soda over it & leave it overnight, then rinse with a vinegar & water solution, which has always worked for me; I don’t know how effective it would be on a chemically scent though. I would give it a try & if it’s still noxious, go ahead & contact the company. They do seem receptive to customer interaction. Good luck– get back to me about what happens, if you think about it :)

    • robin elton says

      They fit TIGHT but have give, like spandex. I am 5’6″ and was wearing a size 8-10 when I first got my pair and the medium fit fine, not terribly tight. Now that I’ve dropped some weight & inches I would consider getting a small, the medium is more roomy now but still not loose.

  4. Michelle says

    Does anyone know how they fit? I am a 10-12 – should I order a medium or a large? (they show medium for 8-10 and large for 12-14.)

    • robin elton says

      They are grabby. I am a size 6-8 normally I guess (I hate how inconsistent sizes are) and my Medium is comfortable. I would opt for the large I think.

  5. jessica says

    My daughter & I bought a pair and did a zumba class and we were drenched. She was worried about getting a yeast or bacterial infection from all the moisture. Have you heard of any problems like that?

  6. Anam Cara says

    BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! I ordered a pair 26 March. I was charged for shipping through payal, so I know the order went through. They claim it didn’t. after repeated emails giving all my information several times, nothing has happened. The pants were paid for separately and I have to assume that I have lost that money. It may have cost me, but I consider it a lesson learned. I’m going to try and see if paypal will refund the shipping anyway. (Of course, if they do, I will probably have another foreign transaction fee since they were paid in British pounds.

    I wish I had checked them out before I ordered. Since they are overseas I have little hope of getting a refund. The best I can hope for is to warn others.

  7. Larissa says

    I got the Hot Pants through Groupon and check how these pants work, I would never pay a full price for them. It tooks a few weeks to get here and I have been wearing them for 4 days. At the first day, I went to Zumba class and OMG I sweated too much, I could feel my sweat coming down my legs and I was kinda ashamed of anyone in the class noticed that, but what I can say so far that I am happy. My skin feels great. I just dislike the pants smell.

  8. KT says

    Those of you who drenched these pants, does the sweat soak through to the outside of the pants? Ie, does it look like you peed on yourself?

    • robin elton says

      No, the outside is a different material so no soakthrough. Another commenter said she had sweat running down her legs, but mine are tight enough that I didn’t have that issue.

    • Ace says

      I’ve just been wearing mine a few days, but also haven’t had any soak through; however, if I sit in them, where my stomach hits the pants I’ve gotten a line of sweat on my shirt. That’s it though.

  9. Jessica says

    I had a similar experience as Anam Cara. I bought a pair of Hot Pants in April and waited the month it takes for the pants to arrive… no pants were delivered. I emailed the company and asked them to send the replacement via an express shipper so I could have the tracking number. They said they couldn’t do it so they shipped via the month-long shipping method a second time. A month later, yet again no pants. Their customer service is unbelievably terrible. Not only are they very unresponsive but incredibly rude. They refused to reimburse my shipping charges at “1% of all post gets lost and it is beyond their control”… yeah great company.

  10. Betty says

    I have been wearing hotpants about 6 months and had the same problem with the back of my thighs breaking out. I have been turning them inside out and putting antibacterial powder or calamine powder on the backs of the thighs. I rub in the powder with the top of the container, then turn them back right side out. I also wash them in the washer and hang to dry. Have held up fine. Works great!

  11. says

    I was curious as a Groupon offer just landed in my box, thanks for your honest feed back, it should right on point, with anyone who already works out. Keep Inspiring!!!


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