Puppy Photobomb and Fitness Perception

Shamrock Compression Socks

For me, the camera is a sketch book,
an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.

― Henri Cartier-Bresson


I was planning to run the ShamRock & Roll 5k in Newark yesterday, but it didn’t happen. Jeff apparently nudged me awake at 8:30 but I don’t remember that at all; he tried again at 9:20. I cursed a blue streak, got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, started to shove some toast down, and then faced facts: there was no way on earth I was going to get to Main Street (a 20min drive if zero traffic), find parking (presumably the entire surrounding area would be blocked off), register, and be at the start line in time.

I was bummed. I knew it wouldn’t be my best effort ever, since I’ve only recently started running again regularly and I was still feeling my Thursday kickboxing class/3mile treadmill double workout, but I wanted that objective time as a baseline. So instead, Jeff came with me for a leisurely 5mile walk/run.

I realize this all speaks more closely to my poor sleep habits than anything else, but that’s a post for another day.

Anyway, I didn’t want my shamrock ProCompression socks to miss their moment in the sunshine, so I wore them with a sweater dress and boots while out with Jake shopping for pants (the mall with a teenager? NOT my favorite pastime). I got a bunch of compliments on them, and they made my legs feel way better. Compression socks and furry boots are where it’s at.

By the by, Pro Compression Marathon socks & sleeves are 40% off with free shipping with code MARCH. AND when you buy you’re entered into their current sweepstakes. Prizes: Marathon Socks (2 pair), Marathon Calf Sleeves (2 pair), iPod Nano (1 item), iPad Mini (1 item, 16G Wi-Fi model). Looks like it runs until midnight 3/20, so hop on that! I think I’m going to buy a pair of sleeves so my feet can breathe once warmer weather comes, but I’m still on the fence about what color. I think I’ve narrowed it down to black or purple. But then the pink argyle socks keep calling my name…

I asked Cass to take a photo and Karma totally photobombed me, sneaking a kiss in for attention. What a diva.

Other stuff from this weekend:

  • The pump blew on our HE washer, but Jeff fixed it. PSA: if your HE washer is making new and interesting sounds, it’s probably about to break and will require a part costing $87 or so. Seems like a good deal if it’s the first time and you paid a pretty penny for your washer… gets a little more murky if the washer keeps dying on you and you paid a fraction of retail at the scratch-and-dent store.
  • Jake and I tried Goodwill & Salvation Army before the mall. They had nothing good by either of our standards. Are people donating less or was it picked over? Has the Thrift Shop song caused a surge in secondhand shopping?
  • I freaking love the Thrift Shop song. As I noted on FB, I really feel no song lyric really SPEAKS to me like “I wear your grandad’s  clothes. I look incredible.”
  • If you watch Doctor Who: we watched the episode about “the flesh” tonight and it’s killing me to walk away, but I try to limit watching to the weekends. Otherwise I would have gone through every episode available on Netflix in a week.
  • While Jeff and I were at the park, he went back to the car during my last lap. I was asked by a group of people playing flag football if I wanted to join their game (this was after I overheard a hissed “here she comes!”)— they were short a person and there was only one girl playing, so it would be even. I declined- I was already on my way back to the car- but it was like grade school all over again. I wasn’t sure if they were serious or making fun of me, and it didn’t really matter anyway, since I couldn’t stay and hang out. I know I’m not a hardcore runner and I’m not fast by any means, but it was the first time in a while that I was really shaken by the idea that my level of athleticism is probably laughable to other people. Along with my hot pink compression socks and brand-spanking new kicks. (And then I shook it off because, well, what difference does it make? No point in dwelling on it.)
  • Today is a palindrome. 3.17.13. So is tomorrow, and Tuesday. If you’re going to do something awesome, now is a good time.
  • Wednesday is the first day of spring. Tomorrow, we get snow and icy rain and a predicted messy PM commute. Somewhere, a groundhog is laughing.


Ever become aware of strangers watching you run?

Shopped secondhand lately? Have you noticed the quality of the selection going down the tubes?





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